Marry me! The awarded marriage proposal

Would you like to marry in Japan? Think on the most creative and unusual proposal you could do there… Did you think about a 6 month trip to write your request across the country using GPS technology? If you did not, keep reading to know this Japanese man’s marriage proposal that currently has a place in the Guinness book of records due to its creativity and inventiveness.

Meet the legend: Yasushi Takahashi

Until 2008, Yasushi Takahashi (a Japanese man from Tokio) was an average salary man with one idea in mind: proposing to his girlfriend, Natsuki, after 8 years of relationship.

Just as many other Guinness record title holders, Yasushi Takahashi was already skilled in his matter before becoming worldwide famous. He was an artist relatively known due to his ability to draw interesting shapes using Google Maps’ technology. This technique consists in registering your track using the GPS technology of a smart device, effectively resulting in drawing whilst driving or traveling across the land.

Would you leave your job to Marry in Japan?

When a person commits to proposing marriage, creativity (and budget) are the only limits. So, why not setting the bar high? As he was already familiar with the technology of GPS drawing, he decided to write his proposal using this technique. That is how he reportedly quit his job and started a 6 month adventure to trace the words “Marry me?” accompanied by a heart to fulfill his wish. How cool is that?

Of course this feat is impressive by itself, but Yasushi was not stopping there. He submitted his achievement to be registered as a Guinness World Record and made it to the book from its 2010 edition. The official website of Guinness Records states the following about it:

Marry in Japan

The largest GPS drawing is 7,163.67 km (4,451 miles) long and was created by Yasushi Takahashi (Japan), in Japan, on 9 June 2010. The image was created in order for Mr Takahashi to propose to his girlfriend. The image spelt out ‘Marry Me’ across the length of Japan, with a heart covering the island of Hokkaido. Fortunately, she said ‘yes’.

Guinness World Records

Official website

Yasushi displays his work on an interview about his Guinness Record. He seems so proud!



Reaching the big leagues: Google features his proposal

Google® themselves have recognized Yasushi’s work. They have developed an entire entry on their corporate website and created an inspiring video about his story. Would you like to know more? Take a look at the video below!

Marry in Japan, but… why in english?

After knowing about Yasushi’s story, a clear question arises: Why would a Japanese man travel across Japan in his Japanese car to propose to his Japanese partner… and write his proposal in English? The reason is fairly simple: it is easier to do it in English than doing it in Japanese. The Japanese version 結婚してください (けっこんしてください / kekkon shite kudasai) would have taken him more time and resources to achieve. That is why he shares this proposal was made in English rather than in Japanese.

We are pretty sure he saw impressive landscapes on his journey. One of the most impressive ones was for sure Mt Fuji. Want to know more about this destination. Check this article about some facts and what to see around Mt. Fuji!



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